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Stop Saying "Trafficate ", This is the correct word to use

Stop Saying "Trafficate ", This is the correct word to use

Nigerians use the word Trafficate to describe a situation where a driver indicates to other drivers

that he/she wants to take a turn. It is used so often,

that it has started to sound like proper English.

 There is no such word in English Dictionary, the words that exist is trafficator, Traffic. 

 As it is now the mentality of Nigerian 🇳🇬 to use that word. 

 Before I said the write Word for it, I will like to give definition and uses of some words like Trafficator, Traffic. 

Trafficator:A directional signal on a vehicle for

indicating which way it is going to turn.

Example in the English sentence

(1) Please sir, can you on your Trafficator to show direction of your movement? ✔️ ✔️  

(2)Trafficator is not attached to your car. ✔️ ✔️ 

Another word is Traffic

It means 3 things 

(1) Vehicles moving on public highway.

(2)the messages or signalstransmitted through a communications system

(3)The action of trading or deal with something that is not legal. Finally, I want to correct the way this word (Trafficate) is used in Nigeria. From the beginning I told us that there is no word like "Trafficate" in the English Language. Therefore, the right ✔️ word to use is "Indicate". 

 Now see the examples as used in the English sentence 

(1) The man didn't not Indicate light to show his direction ↘️ before he moved ✔️ 

(2)I love to indicate my direction all the times. 

Thanks 🙏 for reading my article,God bless you

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