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In The Next 22 Days, I Saw Great Iroko Trees Going Down -Prophet Odumeje Says In A New Revelation

During the "Enough is Enough Prophetic Service," the General Overseer of the Mountain of the Holy Ghost Intervention and Deliverance Ministry, Prophet Chukwuemeka Odumeje, addressed. The cleric revealed a revelation he claimed to have gotten from the Lord concerning the collapse of Great Iroko trees while making a statement about a man who claimed to be a member of an occult group and asked for prayers.

From the video, a man walked out to confess that he belongs to an occultic group. He said he joined the group for power and protection. But currently, he is suffering and nothing is working for him. He said he can't denounced the group because they will come after him. However, after some prayers, the man finally removed a ring from his finger. The ring removal symbolizes freedom from the occultic group.

Prophet Odumeje responded to this by saying: "Since 1996, I have been worshiping at the altar, and God has never let me down. He demonstrated to me how large Iroko trees fell this month. One of them is what just happened right now. More Iroko trees will fall in the 22 days left in this month. For your benefit, kings will fall. Those who swore you would never succeed would perish in order for you to achieve.

He also cautioned believers not to be too desperate for wealth, power and fame. He said this is what the devil is using to capture many destinies.


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