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Jos Crisis: Investigation Should Be Conducted On The Arrested Warrant Officer Who Trained Attackers

When people say nemesis will catch up with all criminals one day, one might have some reservations about the proverb, but this proverb is true and has come to pass on an officer who collaborates with people who attacked people in Jos. You can watch the video confession of the officer here. This is the clip of the Air Force personnel who's an Assistant Chaplain, Warrant Officer named Tanko who was arrested in Jo's training murderers and issuing the certificates.

According to his confession, the terrorists are trained to be extremists, that take up arms and kill people in Jos owing to perceived dominance. Investigations are underway to unravel his sponsors. This is so disheartening. Many Nigerians still don’t understand why some notable Nigerians are behind all these terrors in Nigeria and yet we will be blaming the government for insecurity.

With the kind of people like Tanko, Banditry, Bokoharam, Kidnapping, and other social vices will not stop. Tanko uses his immunity to oppress and cause chaos in society. Thank God he has been apprehended but only God knows the kind of damages those people he has trained would have committed. It is revolting and disgusting that Nigeria has become a place in which truth is not valued. To gain cheap victory lies are crafted into seeming truth. People are coerced into implicating innocent people in crimes not committed.

Gullible people swallow falsehood after falsehood spewed out by persons that have no other value than to spin evil onto the good and have fashioned out manner and language to silence decent people from responding. Until the bigots amongst us could give a detailed and sincere clarification and justification for killing people, Nigeria will not progress.

Photo: Warrant Officer Tanko with exhibits seized from him

Part of the issues and problems the country is battling with is the seems educated that are certified in idiocy and stupidity. They always allow their emotion, pride, and ignorance to get the best of them when an issue occurred. Until the masses know that their greatest enemies are their so-called leaders and fathers; political or religious who always strive by every means to keep them in bondage and control.

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