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3 Unhealthy cooking methods you should avoid using.

The method you use to cook your food is very important. There are some cooking methods that are unhealthy for you. Deep frying and microwaving are some of the unhealthy cooking methods you should avoid. This is because these cooking methods may remove some nutrients which were present in your food due to high heat. They may also cause some health conditions to occur. I will go detailed on the three unhealthy cooking methods you should avoid.

Below are them.

1. Deep frying

Deep frying is a method of cooking that is not good for your health. Foods that are deep fried may be very delicious but it could cause some health conditions to develop. Your cholesterol levels and your blood pressure may rise when you keep consuming foods that were cooked using this method.

2. Microwaving

According to research, microwaving is an unhealthy cooking method. Some people can't do without microwave, but you need to find an alternative method. Microwaves emit radiation which could increase your risk of having cancer.

3. Charcoal barbecue.

Charcoal Barbecue

Barbecue is not bad, but using charcoal as the source of heat makes this method unhealthy. The smoke from charcoal is carcinogenic in nature and may also cause respiratory problems.

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