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Skin Care

Do's And Don't Of Fashion

Ever wondered what fashion errors we make when dressing and heading out to work or go out for a dinner date, like what we shouldn't do and what should be done when we want to dress or do shopping.

Fashion Do's and Don'ts This Holiday Season

Do's Of Fashion

1.Always wear nice perfumes, use good deodorants and oil perfumes depending on your budget and choice.

2.Excercise frequently and eat healthy foods, learn to sweat a little when necessary.

How to Dress Up - Style Guides - The New York Times

3.Wear brightly well coloured clothing that brings out your skin glow, wearing dull coloured clothes can affect your mood totally.

4.Wear Sun screen when under the hot Sun to avoid skin burns and blemishes.

5.Constantly take in fruits or juices made from fresh fruits as this gives you daily vitamins and nutrient needed for healthy skin growth and hair growth etc.

Eight Dos And Don'ts For The Successful Businessman's Wardrobe - Business 2  Community

Don't Of Fashion

1.Avoid wearing branded fake clothes because portrays an image that you are poor or cant afford the original clothes so to avoid all this unnecessary drama buy what your money can afford and look good in them.

2.Trying to get in vogue can make your clothes look obsolete when you buy what's in vogue and look hip better still try buying unbranded clothes as this helps keeping a low profile.

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