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FICTION: I Traveled to Pick My Beloved Wife from Her Sister's House but this is what I Found.

Life was simply blissful when I got married to Lillian. She was everything I needed in a woman, she was very beautiful, respectful, caring, intelligent and very skillful.

We got married two years back but yet to be blessed with fruits of the womb.

I never bothered about children because Lillian was all I wanted around me, she was more than life to me. Lillian was always happy and had never complained over anything, she made me stopped keeping late nights with friends..

I met Lillian two years back on my way to a friend's house one beautiful Sunday morning in Festac town in Lagos, infact she was the one that directed me to my friend's house and on my way back she was still on that same spot, I was very happy that I met her again so I asked her if she was less busy so we could talk, she agreed and from that day onwards Lillian lived in my blood.

She took me to her sister's house whom she told me was her only relative but who traveled abroad for her studies and left her to take care of the house.

I fell in love with her and wanted to make her mine.

When I took her to meet my parents in the village everyone except my mother approved of her.

My mother told me to pray over my decision but that did not bother me as all I wanted was to make Lillian mine before another man takes her from me.

I arranged fake parents for her during both traditional and white marriage.

I was very happy that I married the love of my life. Lillian loved me with all her heart and brought good luck to me, my business boomed and all I touched was money.

I acquired houses and assorted cars with ease and my home and marriage was peaceful.

One day Lillian informed me that her sister had returned and that she would like to go and see her, I was very happy to see and meet her only relation so I quickly dressed up to go with her but for the first time I saw my beautiful wife in a sad mood and when I asked her why she was sad she told me she was not feeling too well. She told me not to bother because she wanted to explain everything to her first before I could meet her.

Lillian without any of her phones except the same hand bag, dress, and shoes she had the day I met her, after waiting for a whole day, I decided to check on them and bring her back to the house but only to found out that Lillian died two years back in an accident.

Her beautiful sister who exactly look like her narrated everything to me and took me to their village where I met with her parents.

After mourning her, I got married to Susan her elder sister who returned from Canada.

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