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Deliverance Prayer Against Evil Decisions

The undefeatable God we worship and exalt your holy name. thank you for your Immeasurable grace, in these remaining Ember-Months we shall see you in every good thing we do in the name of Jesus. Our lives and progress shall not be cut off.

Today we are going to discuss and Pray against evil decisions working against our lives and progress. What is Evil decision? It is when ungodly people makes decision that is not favorable to your life and Progress. But I promise you after these Prayers anyone working against our lives will cease, in the name of Jesus.

Those who experience evil decisions in the Bible:

1. Mordecai: because of hatred Haman plan to kill him.

2. Joseph: his brothers gang up and sold him to a foreign land Etc

Say These Prayers with me

By the blood of Jesus Christ I cancel witchcraft, occultic, and marine decisions working against the progress of my family, in the name of Jesus. Let their pronouncement be reversed now, in Jesus name I prayed.

In these Ember-Months I will prosper and be in good health, in Jesus name I prayed, Amen.

Thank you Father

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