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Odumeje holds vigil after Ada Jesus’ death, Rita Edochie invites fans

Rita Edochie, a Nollywood actress, has angered her Instagram followers after posting a video of controversial Prophet Chukwuemeka Odumeje inviting people to his church for a vigil

This comes just 48 hours after comedian Ada Jesus died in an Abuja hospital from a kidney-related illness

The actress captioned a video of Odumeje conducting his rare religious service, "Waiting for you at Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention and Deliverance Ministry for today's vigil."

As a result, her supporters chastised her for being so callous.

“Can someone close to this woman please check up on her...???,” wrote one Chinenye. I believe she's on the verge of despair, and she's using these posts to console herself.”

“Nonsense ingredients, celebrating in the midst of departure, las las we all die, but I thank God Ada made peace with God and the people of this evil world before she passed away, all I know is that in every nonsense she said there must be a sense,” wrote one Dozie...... “I send my case.”

“If I were you ma, I would be in a solemn mood knowing truly that the girl u had case with had finally given up the ghost,” one Dora wrote. “I didn't say ur hands were involved in her death, but courtesy demands u show remorse if not for yourself, then at least for the thousands of fans who follow this page.” You got it all wrong, this girl's picture was supposed to be on your page because you're a mother, a celebrity, and a public figure. You don't have good friends because if you did, they would walk you through how to deal with this issue. Let me ask you a question: do you even know why the Ada Jesus saga has come up with you? It's a conundrum. Perhaps God would have remembered and uplifted you if you had not handled this case with levity. Let me assure you that the voice of the people is the voice of God. If 80% of Nigerians oppose you, you have unfinished business with your God. Don't say it's none of your business because most of your followers are also her fans. You didn't behave well on this topic, believe it or not. I pray that God opens your eyes. Thank you, Ma”m

The death of Ada Jesus was overshadowed by stories of Rita Edochie and Odumeje casting a curse on the deceased.

Ada Jesus had said that Rita conspired with Odumeje to stage fake miracles.

Ada Jesus was diagnosed with a kidney problem that left parts of her body swollen months after making the serious allegations.

The comedian's family took her to Odumeje for healing, but the cleric turned her down.

He and Rita instead cursed her, accusing her of extortion and lying.

They both declared that the sick young woman must die as a lesson to others.

The uproar that followed the comments forced Indabosky and the veteran actress to retract their statements and announce that they had forgiven the comedian.

Following Ada Jesus' death on Wednesday, April 21, many Nigerians chastised Odumeje and Rita for their harsh language, with some even suggesting that the deceased had been subjected to a supernatural assault as a result of their curses.

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