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Reaction Trails After Election Management Body Opposes Live Transmission Of Election Tribunal

Sam Amadi responds to the opposition of the election management body regarding the live transmission of the presidential election tribunal. It raises the question of what valid reasons could exist for opposing transparency in such a crucial process. By broadcasting the court proceedings in real-time, wouldn't it ensure that justice is served without any distortion or manipulation by the media?

The reluctance of the election management body to allow live transmission begs the question of whether a debate on this matter should even be permitted within the tribunal. The principle of open justice dictates that proceedings should be accessible to the public, allowing them to witness the legal process firsthand. By denying live transmission, the election management body seems to be inhibiting the very essence of transparency and openness.

However, it is important to consider that there might be legitimate concerns or considerations behind the opposition to live transmission. These reasons could include safeguarding sensitive information, protecting the privacy of individuals involved in the proceedings, or maintaining the integrity of the tribunal process. While these concerns are valid, it is crucial to strike a balance between protecting these interests and ensuring that justice is transparent and accountable to the public.

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