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5 local Igbo delicacies you should try

Nigeria is known for it's wide range of delicacies which span across the over 250 tribes in the country. Different delicacies are peculiar to different tribes but in this post, we'll focus on 5 local dishes that are peculiar to the Igbo tribe.

The Igbos are great cooks and their women take pride in cooking mouth watering meals. In Igbo land, part of the qualities of being an ideal woman is being able to cook good meals. There are different dishes peculiar to the Igbos, some of them which you may want to taste are:

Yam pepper soup

Yam pepper soup is made using yam and assorted meat. The peppery delicacy is usually fed to women who have recently put to birth. It is also served to guests and can also be eaten as a meal without any particular reason.


Abacha is quite popular in various parts of the country as a lot of people find this mouthwatering. It is called African salad in English language and is made using local ingredients like raw abacha, red oil, ncha, ogiri and some other ingredients

Oha soup

Oha soup is made using mashed cocoyam and oha leaf. This yummy meal goes well with akpu as a swallow. It is best served hot because it thickens significantly when cold. On the other hand, this thickening ability makes the soup suitable for people that want their pot of soup to last long as you can add water and reheat.

Bitter leaf soup

Bitter leaf soup is called ofe onugbu in Igbo dialect. The main ingredient of bitter leaf soup is properly squeezed bitterleaf. The soup goes well with pounded yam and any drink of choice. It is known to be medicinal when taken alone, due to the presence of bitter leaf which is known as a medicinal herb.


Nkwobi is a delicious dish which is usually prepared using goat head. It is traditionally served in a small wooden dish and garnished with local ingredients like utazi leaf, ukpaka, fresh onions and fresh pepper. Nkwobi is mostly taken with palmwine, a local wine tapped from palm trees.

Which one of these meals will you love to try? If you have tried them, which one is your favourite?

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