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5 Native Vegetables That May Help In The Management Of Diabetes

Vegetables are important food nutrients that can help to promote good health. People seeking to reduce the amount of calories they consume needs to take a lot of vegetables.

One of such people that may need to reduce their calorie intake are people battling with diàbetes. Vegetables play an important role in blood sugar management because they are rich in fiber and low in calories.

Below are some native vegetable which may help you to control blood sugar level.

1. Fluted pumpkin.

Fluted pumpkin leaves or Nigerian pumpkin as it is also called is a very nutritious leaves that contains fiber, vitamin C, folate, carotenoids and antioxidants. They can be used to increase the fiber content in your diet.

2. Okro.

Okro is actually a fruit but very much regarded as a vegetable. It contains a lot of fiber, folate, carotenoids and antioxidants. According to scientists, it can reduce the absorption of cholesterol by the body.

3.Pumpkin leaves.

Pumpkin leaves are also a good source of vitamin A, C, folate, carotenoids and antioxidants. They can be used to make a very good okra soup. These vegetables are easy ways of reducing calories in your diet.

4. Jute leaves.

Jute leaves are very nutritious leaves that is rich in fiber, unsaturated fats, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus. It equally contains vitamins A,B,C etc. It is a very rich leave that may help in reducing blood pressure level.

5. Bitter Leaves.

Bitter leaves are one of the native leaves that could help people with diàbetes. It's juice combined with that of scent leaves and utazi leaves juice may help to reduce blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.

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