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At First The Police Spokesman Denied It And Said His DPO Said Nothing Happened In Ketu - Oseni Rufai

In a recent follow-up tweet, Oseni Rufai shed further light on the discrepancies surrounding the police response to the reported incident in Ketu. Rufai initially mentioned that the police spokesman denied any occurrence in Ketu, as confirmed by the Divisional Police Officer (DPO). However, he now reveals that the same spokesman stated a volunteer was sent to investigate and confirmed that one car had indeed been damaged.

Expressing his frustration, Rufai sarcastically remarked that he thought the spokesman had initially claimed nothing happened. He emphasized the distinction that a volunteer, rather than a police officer, was dispatched to assess the situation.

These inconsistencies unveiled by Oseni Rufai's tweet raise questions about the reliability and efficiency of the police response. The involvement of a volunteer instead of trained law enforcement officers brings into question the seriousness with which the incident was treated.

The public awaits further clarification from the police regarding their handling of the reported incident, highlighting the need for transparency and accountability in law enforcement activities.

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