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Old Father And His Lazy Son (Fiction)

Bananas lives in tambari with his three lazy son, he has been the one providing food for three son despite they where old enough to go out and struggle by themselves.

their father is a old farmer who goes to farm alone, brings farm product process it into food his three son will sit down and eat, they refuse helping their father in any work to make sure their is sufficient at home

so one day the father called the three son and told them look I'm going to die but if I die I pity all of you, because you are too lazy to work, but before I die I will like to tell you something there is a big treasure I have buried inside the ground around the house anyone of you who find the treasure will be rich.

so the next morning the old man died and their was confusion at home, they become so hungry never knows where to start from. until they remember what their father told them about the treasure.

they all started looking for the treasure by tilling the soil around the house, to the extend water start gushing out from the soil

when a passerby notice how they have been struggling for days for the treasure he advice them why don't you turn this soils you have tills to farming, that's when they realize that farming was the treasure their father was talking about. they all start farming until they are wealthy

Morals: say no to laziness, wake up you are not too young to do something for yourself.

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