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Bread and fried egg is too common, use your bread and egg and do this simple tasty meal instead

Hello beautiful people. I'm here again with a delicious recipe which you definetly need to try instead of the usual bread and egg.

You could turn your bread and egg into a completely different delicious meal.

The required ingredients are;

1.) Egg

2.) Bread

3.) Pinch of salt

4.) Pinch of nutmeg

5.) Vegetable oil or butter

6.) Vanilla flavour (optional)

7.) A pinch of ground pepper


Get a bowl put your egg or eggs into it and whisk.

Add your desired milk to it, to your satisfaction and whisk. (Do not make it watery).

Add a pinch of salt, pepper, nutmeg, your flavour (optional) and whisk it together.

Set your bread for prepation.

Add little oil or butter to your skillet or frying pan. Little so it doesn't get oily.

When the oil gets hot, dip your bread in the bowl of egg batter, immediately turn it to the other side and dip. If you delay your bread will soak the batter and become soggy so do it fast.

Immediately put the bread in your frying pan and fry each side for 2-3 minutes.

Flip to the other side and fry.

When it has turned a bit brown you bring it out.

The picture above is how your bread should look. Yea....

This meal is called FRENCH TOAST!

It is delicious, interesting and much more tasty than the regular bread and fried egg.

It is also very easy to prepare.

You can slice your bread into two rectangular halves.

You can also slice it into triangular halves and garnish as you like.

You could eat it as it is.

Every way is just beautiful.

Treat yourself to this beautiful breakfast or dinner and the taste will keep you happy for the rest of the day.

Goes well with milk so serve with hot milk and Enjoy!

Thanks guys please follow me for more fantastic recipes cause I have a whole lot of them. Enjoy your meal and God bless you.

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