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See Pictures Of The Rigorous Procedures, Nigerian Defence Academy Go Through During Training.

There's only one military University in Nigeria and that's the Nigerian Defence Academy, it's located in Kaduna in the northern part of the country,

There's only one goal and vision The Academy has and it's to produce officers with broad-based training in both military and academic subjects designed to serve as a foundation for the future progressive development of officers of the Nigerian Armed Forces.

The Academy was founded in 1964 to provide the needs of the independent Nigeria in training officers in the armed forces.

Before the Independence of Nigeria, it was called Royal Military Forces Training College (RMFTC). But after Nigeria got her Independence it was renamed as the Nigerian Military Training College.

The aim and objective of this Noble institution is to provide its cadet with everything it takes to be a complete and competent military officer, they teach them the skills, knowledge, values and everything they need to succeed through military.

This Institution is a place you can get well developed, strong, educated young men and even some women.

The train different groups, such as the Nigerian army, Nigerian Navy,And Air Force.

When it was first founded, they were trained by Indian Army until in 1978 The Nigerian Training Staff took over

The Rigorous training they receive there isn't funny at all, See the pictures

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