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What Makes Firmino More Important To Liverpool Than Salah And Mane

Mane has been phenomenal for Liverpool in the last 12-15 months. If he continues this form throughout this season, then everyone will simply have to accept that he is not just a winger, but a proper, and a modern forward. Salah is similar, he scores as many league goals, and that highlights how great he is. But as important as they are, Liverpool's most unique forward is Firmino. He is a player that is not particularly known for any one trait of his. He is a midfielder converted to a forward. He has skills, along with considerable physicality. He is also one of the hardest working forwards in European football right now.

Liverpool have played without Mane and Salah. Mane slot into Salah’s position if required. Origi slots into Mane’s position. But no one has replaced what Firmino does. Liverpool will chose either of the three as more important than the rest, but Firmino is the heart of Liverpool due to his uniqueness. Klopp once said in a press conference that Bobby is much if a world class.

Roberto Firmino may not be as good as Salah and Mane when it comes to scoring goals, but his movement is crucial for letting the other two get into good positions to score goals. His cleverness on the pitch creates space for other players to run towards opponent's goal post. His performances over the past few seasons have made him a hero from being a good player for so long. Even Brazil has been forced to take notice of his performances and have been considering to call him up to the national squad.

Firmino can also pull off great tricks and skills. He has great vision of where his teammates are. He has a great first touch and a great eye for passing. He also knows how to put enough weight on a pass to find his teammates. What has also helped him is that Klopp trusts him a lot, and that has made things easy for him. And also, Klopp recognizes his importance to his high press style of play. His work rate on and off the ball is truly of a world class. He is more of a player who goes about his business without too much of limelight falling on him. The likes of Mane and Salah grab headlines almost every week whereas Firmino goes about his job quietly.

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