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Mosquitoes bothering you? Forget sprays. Try this easy method with onions to keep them away

Mosquitoes bothering you? Try this easy method with onions to keep them away.

So, it's the rainy season which means mosquitoes are abundant and malaria is everywhere. Personally I came down with malaria and am still recovering and it got me thinking of when mosquitoes didn't even bite me at all.

A few years ago, my mom came home with this method she'd heard from her friend and we immediately tried it because why not? The onions at home was abundant and that was all we needed and take it from me, it works!

It's so easy to make.


1. Just pieces an onion bulbs into a container and add some water ...and that's all!

2. Place it close to where you sleep like beside your bed or something.

You don't even need to stress and cut it up perfectly. You can pieces it with the skin. It really doesn't matter. Mosquitoes will stay far far away from you.

I extra, extra guarantee it. If it doesn't work, you can come for me in the comments but I know it will because I use it personally.

You can replace it after a day because after a while the smell will grow. Personally I don't really mind the smell because it's not really strong anyway.

Thank you so much for reading. If you found this useful, like and share so others can benefit from it too.

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Stay safe.

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