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I Put My Hand On Fire When I Was Half Asleep - Hilda Baci Recounts Experince During The Cook-A-Thon

Nigerian chef, restaurateur, and the current holder (under review) of the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking hours, Hilda Baci, has recounted a portion of her journey during the cook-a-thon.

She spoke about her life-changing experience on I Said What I Said (ISWIS) podcast. Hilda Baci stated how she stopped concentrating and putting so much conscious effort at some point from the second or third day of the cook-a-thon, as she was half asleep, but still putting in the work. This was when she revealed that she also put her hand on the fire at some point while cooking.

She said: “From day two, day three, there was a time when I'm like autopilot. I'm half asleep but I'm still working. I put my hand on the fire at some point. I still have burns. Because I was sleeping but working...”

Hilda also narrated how the public had to tell her what to do at that point, and according to her, she still hears their voices everytime she sleeps.

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