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5 Nollywood Stars Who Reacted Angrily To The Arrest Of Chiwetalu Agu Before He Was Released

It's no longer a news that Nollywood veteran actor, Chuwetalu Agu was arrested yesterday by the Nigerian army for putting on outfit with Biafra flag. 2021. Before the actor was released this morning, the arrest saga generated mixed reactions from Nigeria citizens which include the below popular Nollywood actors who reacted to it angrily.

 1. Walter Anga

While the news of the arrest went viral on social media. Walter Anga shared a post online reacting to the arrest angrily. According to the actor, Chuwetalu Agu spent most of his lifetime putting smiles in every home despite that others were out there struggling to cater for their family. He further asked whether if what happened to his colleague could happen to any northerner even those who wear Camo on the street.

Credit: Instagram @walteranga

 2. Emeka Ike

Emeka Ike also reacted to the issue in an annoying, urging the Nigerian army to release Chiwetalu Agu and others he mentioned on his post.

Credit: Instagram @emekaikeofficial

 3. Destiny Etiko

Destiny Etiko reacts after the video of the veteran actor sitting on the floor went viral online. According to her post, it an embarrassment to arrest a public figure like Chiwetalu Agu.

Credit Instagram @destinyetikoofficial

 4. Georgina Ibeh

Georgina Ibeh revealed that seeing her colleague in such situation broke her heart. She admitted that Chiwetalu_Agu is a veteran Nollywood actor and not a threat to his country.

Credit: Instagram @georginaibeh

 5. Queeneth Hilbert

According to Queeneth Hilbert, Chiwetalu_Agu shouldn't be maltreated for wearing his choice of outfit. She further claims that the veteran actor is not a Nigeria's problem and he should be freed by the Nigerian army.

Credit: Instagram @queenethhilbert

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