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4 Causes of finger joint pain and the home remedies to help relieve it.

Finger joint pain occurs when you have a cramp or ache in your fingers. It may occur due to health conditions or when there is a physical damage to your fingers. Finger joint pain could be mild or very serious and it could go on its own. A verified health site, Healthline shared the different causes of finger joint pain.

Below the causes of finger joint pain.

1. Finger Strain or sprain.

Strain or sprain occurs when the ligaments in your fingers becomes torn or stretched. This could occur when you fall and it could also cause swelling.

2. Dislocated joint.

Dislocated finger joint could make your finger bones to dislocate. This will then cause pains in your finger joints.

3. Fractures.

When you have fractures in your fingers it could make your finger joints to break. This will then cause finger joint pain and numbness.

4. Arthritis.

This condition could affect your fingers, thereby causing finger joint pain and stiffness.

There are several home remedies that could help relieve finger joint pain.

Below are the home remedies.

1. Apply ice to the affected finger joint to help relief the pain and reduce swelling.

2. Use pain relievers like acetaminophen to help reduce the joint pains.

3. Use topical pain relief cream or ointment.

4. Tape the injured finger to an healthy one to help provide support.

5. Rest your fingers to help prevent the injury from becoming worse.

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