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Benefits Of Eating Crayfish Commonly Called Edé

Crayfish can be described as a famous sea food with a remarkable and delicious taste. It can be added as flavor to foods and it's packed with diverse health benefits which will be discussed in this article.

Photo Credit: Daily Nigerian

Benefits Of Eating Crayfish:

1 It helps to build new cells due to it's protein content.

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2 It helps to boost the immune system and metabolism of the body.

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3 Promotes the development of strong bones: it contains magnesium and calcium which Increases the bone density, builds strong teeth and prevents bone related issues.

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4 Aids weight loss: the regular consumption of crayfish can help you to shed unnecessary weight faster.

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5 It reduces bad cholesterol levels and improves the heart health.

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6 Promotes a healthy skin: due to it's omega 3 fatty acid content, crayfish helps to remove blemish and spot which contributes to a radiant skin.

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7 Promotes brain function: crayfish contains omega 3 fatty acid which is effective in improving the function and development of the brain.

Source: Health

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