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"There was pressure on me not to get pregnant when I was 16, that's why I ran away" -Angel reveals

Angel recently revealed to Cross the experiences she faced while living with her grandmother. She stated that at the age of 16, she was always checked by her grandmother to see if she was still a virgin and not pregnant.

"There was pressure on me not to get pregnant when I was 16, that was one of the reasons I ran away from home".

Angel stated that there was pressure on her not to get pregnant because she was seen as a stubborn teenager growing up. She added that it was not wise for her grandmother to check if she was still a virgin because not every woman has a hymen, as some girls are virgins but they do not have a hymen.

Angel further stated that it made her anxious and full of fear, which made her stay with her grandmother a traumatic experience for her and that was part of the reason she had to run away from home.s

Angel's statement to Cross shows that she grew up in a strict family but could not handle them as she stated that it was a traumatic experience living with her grandmother.

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