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2 Messages Erica Nelwedim Posted on Her Instagram Stories Some Hours Ago.

Several women know their worth and act accordingly, they demand respect at every level or place they find themselves, and Erica Nlewedim seems to be one of these women.

The reality star took to her Instagram stories to share her thought concerning how women are being treated and the need for respect.

A lot of people believe women are at the receiving end of all the vices in society today.

Photo credit: Instagram @ericanlewedim

I have watched a series of cases where women are being harassed at the markets, schools, social gatherings, and so on.

In her first message, she wrote. "I have never seen a man put his hand on another man's lower back when trying to move past in the crowd, so stop doing it to woman".

See below.

Photo credit: Instagram @ericanlewedim.

As you can see above, she got the post from a paged named "The feminist vibe".

The treatment woman faced on daily basis birthed the term Feminism_thats the social theory arguing about the movement restriction placed on a woman so that it can be taken off, for equality between male and female.

Photo credit: Instagram @ericanlewedim

In her second message, she stated that nothing can happen to a woman, who trusts in God.

That shows that if you put all your trust in God and not man, you will never face any difficulties as a woman.

The two post shows that she wants women to fit in our today's society.

See below.

Photo credit: Instagram @ericanlewedim.

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