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Forget About Covid-19, Enjoy These 25 Funny Pictures and Jokes For Today.

Chatting with a Nigerian girl is like attending an interview.. if you don't ask her questions, she has nothing to tell you..

One egg is now 50 naira in our area... Please what concerns the country's economy with the buttocks of the fowl... I'm confused o...

You are liking my posts without commenting.. Remember, on my wedding day you will eat rice without chicken...

Those currently wearing face mask will just be doing as if they have made it in life... Nonsense..

Not all bad dreams and nightmares are spiritual... Sometimes carry that your bed outside and sun it..

I know that I'm not too good in English, and the lockdown has even added... But I know that a person who makes chair is called "CHAIRMAN"...

Apart from "Boyle's law" and "Charles law"... Which other topic do you remember in home economics..

Ladies... Love is in the heart.. What are you looking for in our pockets... I don't understand again o..

It is my first time in court.. so I heard the judge saying "ORDER".. and I replied "rice, chicken and Juice"... Now two police officers are escorting me outside... It's like they are taking me to the restaurant?...

You don't have money, no work, you are not handsome.. then you now have pride... My brother I pity for your life..


Thank you.

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