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Obi Can Go On With It, But If Labour Party Withdraws Their Petitions Against Tinubu- Oladipo

Oladipo said in an interview with Tribune Nigeria that Obi had taken advantage of the desperation of his constituents, despite the fact that he believed their votes wouldn't have made a difference in the election's outcome in the North. He went on to say that South East people would have supported any candidate from the region in large numbers, and that Obi was only a symbol. Oladipo stressed that in politics, two plus two does not always equal four, and he threw doubt on the premise that those who voted for Peter Obi would have supported Atiku as well.

If the Labour Party withdrew its support for the petition, Oladipo claimed, the law would allow Obi to continue to pursue the matter against Tinubu. He continued by saying that a political candidate hailing from the Southeast would have enjoyed widespread support. He claimed that any candidate from the South East would have received a lot of votes in the most recent elections because the region was underrepresented.

In sum, Adewale Oladipo's argument shows how crucial it is to comprehend regional politics in Nigeria and debunks the theory that the PDP lost the election due to Peter Obi's resignation.

Newspaper: The Nigerian Tribune 

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