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Sam Amadi Reacts After JJ Omojuwa Mocked Him For Stepping Down During Imo LP Primary Election

Former governorship candidate of Imo state labor party, Sam Amadi, has responded to popular Twitter influencer, JJ Omojuwa, after the latter mocked him for stepping down during the LP governorship primary election in Imo state.

Amadi had purchased the LP governorship form that produced Achonu as the winner but later stepped down for Maj Gen Ogunewe who lost out in the race. In a conversation between the two on Twitter, Omojuwa said Amadi couldn't even make it to become a substantive aspirant, to which Amadi responded that he is proud of himself for going as a man of integrity and refusing to participate in bribing the delegates.

The conversation between Amadi and Omojuwa on Twitter has sparked reactions on social media. While some people have applauded Amadi's decision to maintain his integrity, others have criticized him for stepping down and not seeing the process through to the end.

Some have also criticized Omojuwa for mocking Amadi, calling his comments insensitive and unnecessary. Overall, the conversation has brought attention to the issue of integrity in Nigerian politics and the need for transparency and fairness in political processes.

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