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3 Ways Shy Ladies Hide Their Feelings

Below are 3 ways shy ladies hide their feelings from men:

1.) They ignore his calls: They deliberately do this because the more they hear his voice they more they fall for him the more, majority of the time most shy women that like you very much would often ignore your calls and claim that she was busy.

2.) She skips dates: Another way that shy women act when they want to hide their feelings from a man is to constantly skip dates with the man, so next time she skips a date with you she is most likely not mad at you she is probably just trying to conceal her feelings from you because she is shy.

3.) She make you jealous: Yes I know this very well from experience that once a shy lady likes you and she is trying to conceal it, she always tries to make you jealous by doing things like hanging out with your male friends or even uploading another guy's picture on her status.

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