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'If The Process That Got Tinubu Declared As The Winner Is Right, I Will Support Him' - Peter Obi

The Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi has made a huge statement regarding the 2023 just-concluded Presidential election that got the APC Flag-bearer, Bola Tinubu being declared as the winner of the election. Peter Obi clarified that if they perhaps find out that the process that got Tinubu elected as President is right, then he will support him fully. This is coming a few days after Asiwaju claimed that he wanted a government of National Unity and he want a collaboration with his fellow contestants. 

Peter Obi speaking on Channels Tv argues that it's impossible to work with a winner of an election in which the process is marred with so many misconducts and with INEC breaking it own rules in the election. He stated that it's not yet time for Tinubu to start talking about national unity. According to him, the former Lagos state governor has to prove that the procedure by which he got into power is flawless before he can get an handshake from him.

He said, ''The first thing I want to see is that the process is right. If the process that got Tinubu declared as the winner is right, I will support him. The process in which you achieve anything id far more fundamental than what you do thereafter, I cannot come into Channels where somebody has worked hard and then take over it. Let's go back to the basics, I'm challenging the process and the declaration. Until we get it right, then we can talk of government of National unity. Until things are done rightly, I can't collaborate with anyone.''


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