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Three Things Couples Should Do To Avoid Hiring A Housemaid After Having Baby

We have seen and heard of several cases of savageness from the housemaid against the baby or her boss.

We have heard of a housemaid who poisoned the food of her boss. We have seen a housemaid do something dangerous to the baby as well.

Meanwhile, the reason why couples hire housemaids is that the husband or the wife will be too busy at work to do some house chores.

Most of the time, the house chores will be too much for the husband alone after his wife has just given birth, and he would not want his wife to stress herself.

1. Request For Paternity Leave

It's normal to have so many responsibilities on you after your wife has just given birth to a baby.

There will be so many activities to do at home, and your wife can't be left alone at home. You should request paternity leave from where you work.

This will allow you to stay at home with your wife for a few months before she can be back on her feet. You will be able to assist her with some of the house chores.

In a situation where you are self-employed, you can delegate your authority to someone who can help you stay in the office for a while.

2. Invite Your Siblings

If you have brothers or sisters who are not married yet, invite them to come and live with you for some time.

Maybe your wife has siblings who are available to help her. Let her invite them to come and live with you.

If you have one or two of your siblings or your wife's siblings living with you for a few months, it will save you from needing to hire a housemaid.

3. Try To Make Your Mother Or Your Wife's Mother Stay With You For A While

Mothers have very pleasant dispositions towards their children when they give birth.

Your mother or your wife's mother will be around to take care of her grandchild.

However, you can make her stay with you longer since you will need her to help you take care of your wife and newborn.

These will save you the cost and danger of hiring a housemaid that you don't know.

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