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Why Ronaldo Should Be Angry With His Man United Teammates After A Poor Game Against Villarreal

Manchester United was victorious in their UEFA Champions League match against Villarreal on Wednesday night. Despite struggling to contain Villarreal throughout the match, Manchester United won 2-1.

Cristiano Ronaldo played 90 minutes in the encounter, however, the Portuguese forward was angry and disappointed for most parts of the encounter. There were obvious reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo would be angry at the performance of his team.

Photo Credit: Manchester United Latest News

Manchester United and Villarreal started the match knowing fully well that they need to grab all the 3 available points. Villarreal had 1 point and Manchester United had no points after the first match of the Champions League.

Although Manchester United needed the points, they allowed Villarreal to dictate the pace of the game. Cristiano Ronaldo was the main striker for Manchester United but he struggled to get a clear opportunity to score a goal.

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All the wonderful runs which were made by Cristiano Ronaldo were not spotted by any Manchester United player. Even when Ronaldo's runs were spotted by his teammates, the balls did not arrive early enough for Ronaldo to utilize them properly.

Ronaldo must be concerned about his teammate's slow buildup which limits the number of chances he gets in most games. Ronaldo would love it more if Manchester United's players can be a little quicker in the movement of the ball.

Photo Credit: Planet Football

It is very sad to see Ronaldo in a football match without him getting enough chances to score goals simply because his teammates decided to be sluggish in their build-up. During the match between Manchester United and Villarreal, Villarreal created enough chances to score goals but they missed most of it.

Villarreal got so many chances not because they can play better than Manchester United, but because they moved the ball quicker than Manchester United did. Villarreal players knew exactly what they wanted to do and they wasted no time in executing their plan.

Photo Credit: The Mirror

Manchester United players were interested in playing perfect football but they failed to understand that wanting to play a perfect football means that the team can't play the ball quickly enough to enable them to create better chances.

Christian Ronaldo should be angry with his teammates because they are too slow. Ronaldo is an agile player who is always on the move. If the likes of Pogba, Sancho, and Fernandes can be quicker, Ronaldo will score so many goals for Manchester United in this 2021/22 season.

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