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Buhari is proud to close border; if chad, Cameroon close border, what's hope of 339,667 refuge- Sani

Former Nyesom Wike Special Adviser on Media and Publicity Opunabo Inko-Tariah has criticized the governor for allegedly advising candidates for leadership positions in the National Assembly to respect the decision of the All Progressive Congress (APC) and Bola Tinubu, the President-elect. Inko-Tariah claimed in a meeting with News Focal that Wike is afraid of losing power and that despite having criticized the ruling party for a number of events, he is now pleading their cause.

Speaking further, he assured that despite Wike's claim to be a "man of trustworthiness," he doesn't take any of his words seriously. He continued, "Wike needs to stay in the corridors of force by supporting Tinubu and the APC," and he said he would have made accommodations for Atiku Abubakar of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) and Peter Obi of the Labor Party (LP) if any of them had won the official political contest.

Wike frequently claims to be a man of integrity, but a man of integrity shouldn't make claims that he can't stand by. Despite the fact that Wike has said the APC is a cancer, he is now backing Tinubu and them because they will be in power. He worries about losing his position of authority.

Look at Akpabio; when he became the Senate Minority Leader, he was opposed to him. At the time, he criticized him, which damaged their relationship. To maintain his position of authority, he is currently pursuing Akpabio.

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