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Foods Men Should Avoid To Keep Their Private Organ Healthy

According to an article written by MedlinePlus and WebMD, Certain foods can have a negative impact on a man's reproductive health and thus decrease his chances of fatherhood.

1. Alcoholic beverages.

Evidence suggests that male infertility is correlated with heavy alcohol consumption. Unfortunately, most men can't say "no" to alcohol. Alcohol consumption has been associated to lower sperm counts, reduced testosterone synthesis, and lower testosterone levels.

A few alternatives to alcoholic beverages are green tea, zobo juice, and the juice of bitter leaves.

2. cured and smoked meats

The majority of men still choose to eat red meat despite the known health risks. Meat products such as hot dogs, salami, beef, bacon, pig, and suya are included. Eating red meat has been linked by experts to poor reproductive health and a lack of healthy sperm according to studies.

The best substitutes for red and processed meats are fatty fish and dairy products like eggs.

3. Beverages full in sugar.

Sugary beverages, such as sodas, have been linked in a small number of studies to lower reproductive rates in men. These sugary drinks are associated with inflammation and metabolic changes in the male reproductive system. In order to maintain optimal health and performance, you may wish to avoid consuming these beverages because of the high levels of artificial sweeteners and other chemicals they contain according to studies.

Fruit juices, such as apple, pineapple, and orange juice, are a healthy alternative to sugary beverages like soda.

4. Noodle and pasta meals

Noodles seem like a viable alternative because they are tasty, convenient, and flavorful. Yet, their condition is less than ideal. These noodles are considered junk food since the production process exposes workers to toxic chemicals and substances that can have an adverse effect on a man's reproductive health according to studies.

The artificial additives used to make noodles make them a poor food choice. Consume foods that have been grown in a more ecologically responsible manner.

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