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Check Out Benefits Of Drinking Zobo

Zobo otherwise known as Hibiscus Tea is one of the common herbal drinks in Nigeria. Many people have continued to drink this herbal juice from time to time.

Hibiscus tea in a plain form has a lot of benefits in which a lot of people don't still know. In this article, I am going to be talking about what drinking hibiscus tea (Zobo) can do to your body.

1. It adds antioxidants to the body.

Animal studies have found that hibiscus extract contains higher amount of Antioxidants which are better for the body.

Although a lot of studies have proven this true, additional studies are needed to determine how this may really play out in humans

2. It can also help in reducing Blood Pressure

Some studies have proven that hibiscus tea extract may contain some properties that can help in reducing blood pressure. According to, it is the safest and natural way to reduce blood pressure.

3. It can help in also lowering cholesterol levels

A lot of studies have been proven that Zobo contains certain compounds that help in reducing cholesterol and triglycerides levels in humans.

However there are some studies that are conflicting to this. More research needs to be made on this study.

4. May Boost Liver Health

Human and animals studies have found that hibiscus extract can help in reducing liver diseases and risk of fatty liver.

5. Could promote weight loss

Research shows that hibiscus tea contains minerals that could lead to weight loss.

6. It contains properties that may help prevent cancer

Some studies show that drinking hibiscus tea could help in preventing cancer.

7. Could help in fighting bacteria

Research shows that hibiscus tea could contain some anti bacterial properties that can help fight some bacteria.

Content created and supplied by: StayHealthy (via Opera News )

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