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I Face Persecution For Not Tolerating Embezzlement Of Edo Money, Obaseki Tells Edo Youths

Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki bemoaned that if he had continued with the old practise of embezzling state monies, his administration would not have had to deal with as many difficulties as it is now.

Speaking at a Youth Interactive Session conducted at the Government House, Obaseki said the youths' campaign for good governance, which they first showed in the 2020 election for his second term, had his support.

"Therefore, I'm here to tell you in your meeting today that you are the one who can solve our problem. We want to build a future for you.

If we had arrived and said, "Let's do it the way they have been doing it, we wouldn't have had an issue.

Obaseki remarked, "Edo would not advance. Money arrives every month, we divide the money, there wouldn't have been a problem, nobody would have attacked me.

The Governor said that while youth development is one of his government's top priorities, Edo as a State cannot advance significantly without a strong federal government.

"I have faith in youth. I have faith in your force.

"I stand by you in all of your protests. Given that you are my constituency and I am aware of it, I am one governor who is open and prepared to work with young people.

"You were the ones saying 'Torgba'" (meaning it will complete). You are not?

Obaseki added, "With the grace of God, forward always, backward never. I have not forgotten, but there are many forces fighting, for us to go back to where we are coming from.

But, he advised the young people to think about how to maintain good governance in the state and throughout Nigeria. According to independent report.

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