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You Keep Saying Bullion Van Entered Tinubu's House But You Can't Account For ENDSARS Money - Daddy Freeze

Daddy Freeze went live on his verified Facebook page and discussed the ENDSARS protest and the allegedly missing funds intended for protest-related expenses.

According to Daddy Freeze, "I've heard that the enormous sum of $500,000 raised for the ENDSARS protest is missing. The people who complain about bad government are also the ones who are unable to account for their funds. You claim that the Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu's home was broken into by a bullion van, but you are unable to account for the ENDSARS funds.

He continued, "The reason I see this as an irony is because those behind this are protesting against bad governance. Although it is understandable if individuals raise money for charities or other causes only to have someone steal it, but should the money, which was meant to fight corruption, be missing?The fact that this money was allegedly unaccounted for casts a dark shadow about those complaining about the federal government."


Finally, Daddy Freeze added, "Some people keep complaining about President Muhammadu Buhari, while others are claiming that Tinubu is the issue, when in fact they are the real issue facing the nation. They are only upset because they haven't had a chance to eat the national cake, that's all.

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