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Why APC Chieftain Joe Igbokwe Said Igbos Cannot Be Trusted To Produce Nigeria’s President in 2023

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As the 2023 Presidential election draws near, it is becoming clear that an Igbo Presidential candidate may not emerge in the two major political parties. The All Progressive Congress may likely favour a South West candidate, and the Peoples Democratic Party doesn’t seem to be interested in the Igbo Presidency project.

In essence, the 2023 election may be another missed opportunity for the Igbo race to break the “jinx” of the presidency. 

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Reacting to the development in a recent Punch interview APC chieftain Joe Igbokwe, who is an aide to Governor Babajide Sanwo Olu said the reason why the Igbos will not produce a President in 2023 is that they cannot be trusted. He noted that nobody is going to vote for an Igbo candidate. We shall be examining why the controversial Lagos State politician made such a remark.

Nobody is going to vote for people who would use the same position to divide Nigeria

Igbokwe said nobody is going to trust an Igbo person to be president because he or she might use the powers of the office to divide the country. He was speaking in respect of the ongoing agitations for Biafra by the Indigenous People of Biafra and other secessionist groups and the fact that much Igbo support the clamour.

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The agitation has caused a lot of tension and security challenges in the South East. But it has also caused a tremendous amount of friction and distrust, especially among the Hausa and Igbo communities.

Recall that recently a top People Democratic Party chieftain from the North East revealed that the reason why the South East cannot win PDP ticket in 2023 is that the Fulanis won’t trust the south East. Also, a coalition of political groups in the North recently threatened to revoke the business of any Northern based Igbo person that locks up his or her shop in compliance with the IPOB declared one-month sit-at-home order. The northern group made it clear that you cannot be friends with IPOB and profess to love Nigeria or the North at the same time.

Photo Credit: BBC

In essence, Igbokwe was not entirely speaking out of point, he was speaking the minds of many Nigerians. Another sense in his remark is that the South-East must learn to play politics the right way. In a democracy, you cannot win by confrontation. The South-East leaders must make a deliberate effort to build bridges and trust with other regions of the country, especially the north. It is in making friends that other regions of the country can trust and support the South East to produce Nigeria’s president. 

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