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Nini Is Challenged By Liquorose To Pay $1000 To Each Housemate For Her Lies

Since yesterday, the two lovebirds on Big Brother Naija Season 6 have been quite busy, giving fans couple vibes. Saga, on his part, has obviously been savoring every moment and second of his time with Nini because the past 24 hours since Nini's sudden disappearance has been exceedingly tough for him. Saga has been monitoring and following Nini around since she returned after the Biggie prank, most likely to prevent another story that touches.

Photo Credit: BBNAIJA

While Nine was attempting to persuade the housemates that she had been sleeping in Saga's bed in the blue-room while they searched for her for hours. Without doubt, Saga has known Nini was lying, but since his soft spot for her, and wouldn't like to confront Nini in the presence of the other housemates while Nini was defending her sudden disappearance for 24 hours, he decided to be quiet about it.

Photo Credit: BBNAIJA

However, just as Saga and Nini were catching up and expressing their love, Nini was also playing hard to get by acting out a scene of being upset with Saga because he failed to turn up for her while other housemates were looking for her, admitting that she was on his bed. Saga on his part, now realizing it was a prank, also decided to play along. Obviously, Nini was too caught up in the storyline, forgetting that Biggie had told her to appear as if she didn't know where she was while her whereabouts were being questioned by fellow housemates.

Photo Credit: BBNAIJA

Meanwhile, after Nini's claim that she was on Saga's bed while the housemates were all over the place looking for her, Liquorose decided to challenge Nini by offering her a wager that if she was on Saga's bed while the housemates were all over the place looking for her, each remaining housemate would give Nini one thousand dollars ($1000) after the show, but if Nini has been lying about this, she would be the one to give the amount to each housemate after the show.

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