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List of 14 Nigerian States With High Security Risks

On Tuesday, April 20, the United States government issues a fresh Travel Advisory, warning its citizens to reconsider travelling to Nigeria due to security reasons.

However, for those who still decide to travel to Nigeria, the US government advised them not to travel to 14 states which are considered to have higher security risks.

The states are listed with their individual security threats on the Travel Advisory which was published on the US government’s website.

Photo sources: Twitter/@JoeBiden, @MBuhari

Below is a list of the affected states and their respective security threats.

Kidnapping and terrorism

1. Adamawa State

2. Borno State

3. Yobe State


4. Bauchi State

5. Gombe State

6. Kaduna State

7. Kano State

8. Katsina State

9. Zamfara State

Crime, kidnapping, and maritime crime

10. Akwa Ibom State

11. Bayelsa State

12. Cross River State

13. Delta State

14. Rivers State (Port Harcourt not included)

This Travel Advisory by the US is a stark reminder of the serious security challenges Nigeria is currently facing and wake-up call to the Nigerian government to come up with strong measures to address the crises.

Out of the 36 states of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), a record number of 14 states have been declared to have a high-security threat.

The economic implication of this is that those listed states will have difficulty in attracting foreign direct investment as no right thinking person will decide to do business in a place that is not secure.

The recent report by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on the Internally Generated Report (IGR) already indicated that states, apart from Lagos and a few others, were not doing well. 

The situation will largely remain the same until the security challenges are resolved. 

It is high time the federal government fully implemented state policing system as this will go a long way in addressing the rising challenges.

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