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Hollywood stars who rejected a role in movies

There was a time when Lena Headey (the actress who portrays Cersei Lannister) and Jerome Flynn (the actor who portrays Bronn, the sellsword) in Game Of Thrones dated and it did not end well. In the aftermath of their break-up, both actors got roles in Game of Thrones, and apparently included in their contracts is that they won't appear together in any scene.

In essence, this means that both actors refuse to do a scene with each other.

According to reports published by the Telegraph in 2014, a crew member unnamed made the following comment during the taping of the show:

Lena and Jerome are no longer on speaking terms, and they rarely sit in the same room at the same time now.

There had been signs they were patching things up for a while, but now it seems they need to stay apart at all costs.

Scarlet Johansson – 

Since she was 22 years old, the actress has actually had it written in her contract that she won't participate in any nude scenes for the duration of her career, which means she has been adamant about it for quite some time. The good news is it's not such a big deal since she's done just fine without showing it all, and through the years, even with her looks and acting skills, she has managed to make quite the name for herself. In some cases, it can be more than enough to simply have the perception that one is a sex symbol without going too far.

Joan Collins did not like to do any sex scenes on stage. She was warned by her father, who was an agent, to beware of the fresh men in Hollywood.

There was a time when she was supposed to play Cleopatra, but the role was instead given to Elizabeth Taylor. Cleopatra was her test character. Apparently, she was asked to sell her body in order to get the role from the CEO. He was willing to pay for her apartment if she wanted. There was no way Joan was going to accept that. She would make sure they talked to her agent.(who is her father)

It's very common for men to want to have sex with actresses before they even get roles! A similar reason prevented her from securing the role in Of Human Bondage, as well. There was a need for sex. As a result of the wolves in Hollywood, Joan Collins was forced to turn down other roles that she had been offered.

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