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The Dangers Of Eating Roadside Foods And How They Could Harm You

This article does not intend to bore you, but to quickly teach you about the numerous dangers of eating roadside foods and how they can be harmful to you. This is a habit a lot of persons have cultivated (eating roadside foods). Well, sometimes, you don't blame such people because, they do not really understand the dangers of eating roadside foods. All they want to do, is sit by the roadside and order for any kind of food just to fill their stomach and quench their hunger at that moment, without knowing how these foods can harm them.Eating roadside foods has become a normal day to day activity of most people. There is no particular gender who does this. In essence, both old men and women, boys, girls and even children eat roadside foods and they are all ignorant of the dangers. These foods could harm you by causing havoc in your system and making you fall ill over and over again.You maybe one of those that enjoy eating roadside foods, but bear it in mind that, these foods may not be good for you in as much as they serve the purpose of which made you to eat them at that time. Well, don't get me wrong, there are some good and hygienic places you can get your food and be certain that it's okay for you to eat, but the question is, how many people can afford to spend their hard earned money on a more expensive food? These foods are usually very expensive that you may not think twice about patronizing a local roadside food vendor.Food vendors found on the roadsides most times sell foods which prices can be met by even the poorest man on the street, and because of this, a lot of people prefer eating roadside foods to visiting an expensive restaurant. One may wonder if those restaurant that sells expensive foods which are presumably hygienic or neat, are not also located on the roadside, or you may be wondering what roadside foods actually means? Just for clarifications, roadside foods can also be called street foods. They are simply those meals or snacks that are sold by hawkers and vendors in a street or other public places like market and even near a school. This is not to be confused with a restaurants.In as much as you can pay for foods you purchased from a local roadside vendor, a restaurant on the other hand is equally a place where you go and sit, eat and pay for the food you were served. It's simply an eatery where meals are served to customers. Restaurants process and preserve foods through standard requirements or procedures, which makes them more hygienic and safer. The major difference between a restaurant and roadside is, a restaurant is a fanciful place adorned with beautiful decorations, which looks neat and well presentable and conducive to sit and eat your meal. Because of how beautiful a restaurant looks, the nature of their food is also different. They cook and serve their food in a neat environment, neat kitchen wares like spoons and plates and good food packaging. All these things contribute to the price which the food will be sold, hence making people who cannot afford it to go for a cheaper place to eat thereby, they end up resorting to eating roadside foods.But a roadside eatery can be located just anywhere, sometimes close to a dirty gutter and you may end up eating with utensils which are not properly washed. Most street foods are considered as fast foods and like I said earlier, they are cheaper than foods sold in restaurants. Almost about 70% of people eat roadside foods everyday and this is usually seen among the low and middle class income people who are struggling to survive.Having known the difference between roadside food and a restaurant, we are going to narrow down our discussion back to eating roadside foods. Here are some examples of food you can get on the roadside before we talk about the dangers of eating them. There are a lot of them, but I am going to mention only a few.

1. Corn and pear: right now we are in the season of this two combo mentioned here. It could be roasted corn and pear;Or boiled/cooked corn and pear.A lot of people cannot do without having this combo in a day. This is because of the sweetness and satisfaction they get from eating them. So most times, they don't care about the environment where it is been prepared. Need I remind you that most of the vendors of corn and pear do it across the dirty gutters.2. Bread: this is another example of food that can be eaten on the roadside without checking how hygienic or healthy it is to eat. Most people sit at a local food vendor's booth and eat this bread with beans or the one they refer to as Ewa Agoyin (beans and bread).3. Roasted plantain: this food is enjoyed by many people. They either eat it together with groundnut or stew. It could be ripe or unripe plantain grilled on a light charcoal of fire.4. Flour foods like buns, meat pies, fish rolls etc: these are snacks made of flour, sugar and other ingredients which serve as a quick meal for most people especially when food is not within reach. They are usually eaten with soft drinks or any other kind of drinks.5. Fries: these includes foods that are fried in hot vegetable oil and eaten with stew or any other kinds of sauce. Fries includes fried yam, fried potatoes, fried plantain, fried meat, fried fish etc. These group of foods serve as dinner for most people.6. The normal food: these are any kind of food you can set your eyes on cooked by anyone who sells food on the street. Some of them are being hawked. Some examples include, rice, stew, beans, yam, noodles, African salad etc7. Bean cake which in other words is known as Akara. It is made from beans and can be eaten with pap, oath or bread.Be that as it may, those are some of the examples of roadside foods listed above. Now, to the dangers of eating these roadside foods. Remember, that food is anything we eat to keep us alive and healthy. The kinds of food and manner of place we eat them matters a lot and this is what you should consider before sitting by the roadside to eat.The dangers of eating roadside foods and how it can harm you include the following:

1. You may end up eating contaminated foods. Food could be contaminated with any kind of thing that may be detrimental to your health. Imagine a roadside fruit seller trying to cut some fruits into pieces (fruit salad), and mistakingly cuts his/her hand with the knife, all he/she could do is quickly wipe off the blood which may have contaminated your fruits and then you still go ahead to eat it. Apart from that, the food may be contaminated through other means like pouring saliva into it while he or she is speaking while trying to sell. These acts can harm you, because you may get diseases that are unimaginable from eating these, and you end up spending a lot of money on treatment.2. The food could also be contaminated through the place where the person has preserved them. They may not be guarded properly against rodents especially rats that are disease carriers, and by so doing you could get harmed, and may get infected when you consume such foods, thereby falling sick. The common disease you can get from eating such food is Lassa fever.3. Another danger of eating roadside foods are food poisoning. Thisis another way which roadside foods can harm you. A lot of people have eaten unbearable concoction in the name of food. Some of these foods may have been prepared in the worst places which you are not aware of. The kind of water and ingredient they used, may lead to the food being poisoned by harmful bacteria and microorganisms, which will be a great trouble for you when you consume such foods. The harmful effect you can get from food poisoning is purging, strange illnesses, stomach upset etc4. Some diseases can be gotten by eating roadside foods. This is another fearful danger of eating such foods. A lot of vendors do not have the time to properly wash most of the utensils used in cooking, talk more of washing the ingredients well like the vegetables. Most of these vegetables come with tiny worms which may infect you when you consume such foods and harm you. The kind of disease you can get are stooling, cholera, thyphoid fever, gastroenteritis, diarrhea etc.5. Another danger of eating roadside foods is that you are not sure of quality and well prepared meal. Just anything goes with roadside foods. Some of these foods do not have any nutritional value, hence it is assumed that you are eating chaff.Having said all of these in this article, i think I will have to drop my pen here, but the advise you should take home is this. It is better to make your own meals by yourself in order not to harm yourself or your health. That way, you will be able to ascertain the neatness, the nutritional value and the kind of ingredients used in preparing the food. A lot of people have contracted one disease or the other by eating roadside foods and I think that, it is important to subject these roadside food vendors to strict supervision in order to ascertain the quality of the food they sell to innocent consumers.I hope this article will help someone today to make the right decision on eating roadside foods. Please do not forget to share this article to your friends and family. Also, do not hesitate to like and drop your comments in the comment section. I will be waiting to get your questions and suggestions based on this.

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