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One thing that was observed after Whitemoney denied having feelings for Maria and JMK

While in the house in the first month, Whitemoney seemed attracted to Maria and the wildcard situation made it obvious as he didn't mention her name, despite knowing she's one.

For JMK, it seemed the feeling was about to spike up but also went down, after a video of the both of them talking about being friends with benefits surfaced online.

See the video link below.

However, in an interview with Ebuka, he was asked about the relationship situation with either of them, and he declined to have any feelings, but one thing was observed:

See the video link below.

He's straight to the point with his answer:

In this kind of situation and in a bid not to hurt anyone, he may have tried to give reasons why he doesn't have any feelings for either of them. Unlike when he was asked about Queen the first time, he maintained that she was nice, among other reasons, before concluding that she wasn't romantically involved with him.

His answer made it obvious that he'd already concluded in his mind that he'd never be romantically involved with them and didn't bother twisting words.

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