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Wike is a fighter against corruption - Tinubu

Nigerian President-elect, Ahmed Bola Tinubu, on Thursday described Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, as a fighter against corruption who would ensure proper welfare and working environment for civil servants, especially judicial officers in the state.

According to Daily Post, Speaking at the unveiling of the new 24-room Rivers State Magistrates' Court built by the Wike administration in Port Harcourt, Tinubu said the Rivers State governor expected reforms in the judicial sector when he assumed office and promised to improve the working conditions of judicial officers.

Hearing that Wike had improved the welfare of judges, Tinubu said, "If you look at what Wike has done here today from a different angle, he is fighting corruption. This is how we fight corruption. We don't expect judges to be corrupt or uphold the law.

That is part of the change that is needed in the political think tanks. We need to fight corruption by looking at both sides of the coin. If we don't want judges to be corrupt, we have to look at their welfare. If we want a fair judiciary, we need to make sure they don't work in dangerous environments.

Think about "value versus value." If you don't have consumer credit and they ask you for $5 million or $6 million to buy a car that you need, that's a great temptation for corruption. But if you have consumer credit, there's less of a propensity for corruption," he said.

Tibunu said he is also committed to judicial reform to create satisfactory conditions for judicial officials, stressing that he does not want judges and prosecutors to be corrupt or undermine the judiciary. We want judges to do more than just keep the books. We are determined to review all of this in our political think tanks."

On the contradictory response the previous day when the Rivers State Government demanded that the Federal Government refund the sums spent on the maintenance of federal roads, to which Wike replied that he was not owed anything, the President-elect said Wike was adapting to the nuances of interpretation by the public. He stated.

"I am very grateful to the person (Mr. Wike) who brought me here, whether I owe him or not. He didn't ask me for a personal commitment. He asked me for a political commitment that he could not propose or approve to the president-elect.

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