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2 Things You Should Do To Avoid Confusion In Your Relationship

Confusion generally comes from unsettled decisions. You are confused because you want to be. Nobody is confusing you and nothing is. If you’re confused in your relationship, it is because you do things that you aren’t supposed to.

1. Comparison

On no account should you compare your partner with someone else. “Nelson is doing well and he treats Janet like a queen but my man doesn’t”.

You will never get to think hard about what you want and why you want it. Before you compare your partner Because of one thing or the other, ask yourself.

“Am I even worth the stress?”. Sometimes you might do something that makes your partner so angry and they drift away. You may start to wonder if he doesn’t want you anymore or if he doesn’t like you anymore. You’re already confused and you are confused because you created the atmosphere to welcome it.

2. Undefined purpose.

This sometimes becomes the basis of confusion in a relationship. When you don’t define your relationship, the purpose in which you want it to move forward, you end up with so many unanswered questions. Unanswered questions bring about confusion. You do not know what he wants, what she wants, if he/she wants you or you’re just another.

Learn to define your relationship with your partner so that you don’t get confused.

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