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We know Rivers results will be affected with what happened in PDP but APC leading, raises Que- Sambo

Sumner Sambo Arise News Political editor, said that people already know that Rivers election results is going to be affected from the way it used to be especially with what happened in the PDP but the fact that APC led PDP and Labour Party in the state raises question.

Sumner Sambo made the statement in an interview with Arise News during the Newsnight Program when they he was asked to react to what the BBC News said about the Rivers election.

Sumner Sambo began by establishing that historically, Rivers state is known to be a PDP state, however, in the last election, APC won Rivers state.

Sumner Sambo said the BBC had done a great job with what they came out with about Rivers election result and that Premium Times also did a great said before now. However, he said that the matter is in court and Onus is on the complainant to bring proof and evidence to the court.

Sumner then said that it looks like something actually happened that needs to be explained to everybody but it will be left for the court.

He then said "Considering the drama that happened in the main opposition party, PDP, we already know Rivers' result was going to be affected in one way, but for the PDP and Labour Party to lose to the APC there it raises a lot of question "

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