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Northern APC Christian leader, Doknan Sheni claims Tinubu was forced to run on a same-faith ticket

Professor Doknan Sheni, the leader of the Christian APC members in the 19 northern states, yesterday provided more information on their opposition to the party's Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket, which included Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Senator Kashim Shettima.

Professor Sheni expressed disappointment that certain Northern APC governors persuaded Tinubu to choose the same-faith ticket in an exclusive interview with Vanguard, warning that the development could cost the party the presidency and other positions around the nation.

He bemoaned the APC's treatment of Christians in the distribution of roles and predicted that if Tinubu wins the election in 2023, eight years after President Muhammadu Buhari took office, a Northern Muslim might succeed him, giving the nation 24 straight years of Muslim presidents.

Prof. Sheni remarked as Alhaji Salihu Mohammed Lukman, Deputy National Chairman of the APC (North-West), said that the party's leadership carefully evaluated all relevant aspects before making its choice and reaffirmed that Tinubu will uphold the interests of all Nigerians if elected.

This occurred on a day when the Arewa Consultative Forum, ACF, declined to get involved in the debate over same-faith tickets, which it characterised as a matter for political parties to handle on their own.

The Nigerian Agenda for Inclusion, TNAI, a pro-democracy organisation, dared Tinubu to gauge the reaction of the Muslim population in Lagos State to a Christian-Christian governorship ticket.

In particular, the ACF said that a ticket of the same religion shouldn't raise controversy because, aside from the MKO Abiola/Bashir Tofa June 12, 1993 Muslim-Muslim ticket, late Chief Obafemi Awolwo and late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe also ran Christian-Christian tickets.

In fact, the APC Muslim-Muslim ticket is not a good choice and is already causing religious mistrust in the nation, according to eminent Muslim scholar Sheikh Ahmad Gumi. According to vanguard report.

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