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I Decided To Wear My Dead Grandmother's Ring And This Is What Has Been Happening To Me (Fiction)

If I had the power to go back to the past, I would go back to the moment I collected my grandmother's ring. On that particular cozy day, my grandma who was still alive, was giving me instructions on what I should do after she dies. She said with a broken voice "If you know that you want to have a better life, just listen to me clearly. I would soon join my ancestors, so I need you to keep wearing my ring until you are about to die, make sure you pass it unto your children too". I adhered to all her rules and took the ring, she died later that night. 

This particular ring was silver in color and it had some shinny substance on it. I decide to do a deep research on it and what I found out baffled me. This ring was made out of little metals from a volcano, it was one of a kind and has been worn by a queen from an unknown kingdom. "How did this ring get to grandma", I said to myself. 

I did not bother about the ring the next day because after my friends saw it, they lamented, "Wow, you better don't throw this ring away, it is very expensive. If you don't like it, just give me". I thought the ring was just a normal one but after some weeks, I started seeing my doom. 

Since that time, I started having lots of bad dreams, I couldn't even stay at a particular spot, my body started itching me very well. The worst part of it all is that when I tried to remove the ring, it could not come of my finger. What will I do from here? Please advice me because I am just confused.

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