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Odunlade Adekola Vs Muyiwa Ademola: Who Really Is The King Of Swags And A Better Actor ?

Odunlade Adekola is a Nigerian actor, producer, director and singer. He began his career in 1996 and rose to prominence in 2003, after playing a lead role in Asiri Gomina Wa. Since then, Odun has starred in numerous Yoruba movies and his dynamism has remained the talk of the town.

Adekola is one of the few celebrities whose pictures are used for internet memes. He is also the CEO and founder of Odunlade Adekola Film Production (OAFP), a platform created in order to build prospective thespians.

Odunlade Adekola was born on December 31, 1976 in Abeokuta, Ogun State. Although, he hails from Ekiti state, he was born and raised in Lafenwa, Abeokuta by Pastor and Deaconess Adekola. He grew up in a Christian family that is devoted to church activities.

For his formal education, he started at St. John’s Primary School and moved on to St. Peter’s College, Abeokuta. Subsequently, he attended Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, and earned a National Diploma Certificate. Later on, in 2018, Odunlade bagged a bachelors degree in Business Administration at the University of Lagos.

He is married to Ruth Adekola, and the union is blessed with 4 children.

In 1996, his friend introduced him to a theatre group that meets for rehearsals in the neighborhood. Odun was invited and his demo performance got the entire crew endeared to him. In the group, he started learning some ethics and rudiment of the movie industry, until some invited veterans asked him to join a theatre association. Then, in January 1998, he became a bonafide member of the Association of Nigeria Theatre Arts Practitioners.

At the end, Adekola started producing and featuring in movies. He starred in Faworaja (1999) produced by Bolaji Amusan (Mr Latin). Thereafter, he rose to prominence after featuring as a state Governor in Asiri Gomina Wa (2003). The movie was produced by late Ishola Durojaiye (Alasari).

Today, Adekola has featured in numerous films and has remained a professional actor with numerous awards.


Faworaja, 1999

Asiri Gomina Wa, 2003

Emi Ni Ire Kan, 2009

Sunday Dagboru, 2010

Monday Omo Adugbo, 2010

Mufu Olosha Oko, 2013

Kabi O Osi, 2014

Oyenusi, 2014

Ma Ko Fun e, 2015

Alani Pamolekun, 2015

Gbolahan, 2015

Taxi Driver – Oko Ashewo, 2015

Baleku, 2015

Oro, 2015

Asiyan, 2015

Oyun Esin, 2015

Pepeye Meje, 2016

Asiri Ikoko, 2016

Samu Alajo, 2016

The Grudge, 2016

Sunday Gboku Gboku, 2016

Sola Arikusa, 2017

A Million Baby, 2017

Critical Evidence, 2017

Celebrity Marriage, 2017

Dognapped, 2017

Fogbonsola, 2017

Owiwi, 2017

Wives on Strike – The Revolution, 2017

The Vendor, 2018

200 Million, 2018

Lagos Real, Fake Life, 2018

Yeye Alara, 2018

Nimbe, 2019

Night Bus To Lagos, 2019

Ile Afoju, 2019

Awards And Recognition

He is an award-winning actor and few of his awards include;

Best Actor of the Year, City People Entertainment Awards, 2009

Best Actor of the Year, City People Entertainment Awards, 2011

The Best Actor in a Leading Role, Yoruba Movie Academy Awards (YMMA), 2012

Best Actor of the Year, Africa Movie Academy Award, 2014

Best Actor of the Year, City People Entertainment Awards, 2014

The Best Actor of the Year, City People Entertainment Awards, 2015

Best Actor (Indigenous), Nigeria Entertainment Awards, 2015

Movie Personality of the Year (Male), City People Movie Awards, 2017

Best Actor, Nigeria Entertainment Awards, 2018

Best Actor in a Comedy ‘A Million Baby’, Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards, 2018

Actor of the Year, Independent Achievers Award, 2019

Most Searched Actor, NET Honours AWard, 2019

Here are pictures of odunlade adekola to prove who rocks it well with swags:


Muyiwa Ademola is an award-winning Nollywood Yoruba actor, film-maker, producer, and director. Popularly known by his fans as MUY Authentic, Muyiwa Ademola is also the brand ambassador of several companies. He is the CEO of the Authentic School of Drama and Film Production.

Muyiwa Ademola Background

Muyiwa Ademola was born on the 26th of January 1971, to the family of Rebecca and Isaiah Ademola in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. He had his primary and secondary education at St. David’s High School, Molete, Ibadan. His tertiary education was at the University of Ibadan where he obtained a diploma certificate in Adult Education and Community Development.

Muyiwa Ademola is married to Omolara Ademola, and they are blessed with five children.

In 1988, he went to meet Shola Ogunshola, also known as Isho pepper with his stories, but Shola rejected him, with claims that he was too young for the job.

After his secondary education, he continued giving his stories to different people, until he met Charles Olumo, also, known as Agbako, who eventually gave him his first major contract.

After a while, he met a movie director, S.I Ola, who taught him all he needed to know about acting and movie production. Following this meeting, he commenced his acting career officially in 1991. Meanwhile, he produced his first written script into a movie, Asise, meaning BLUNDER in 1995. 

Since then, Muyiwa Ademola has produced, directed, and featured in several Yoruba Nollywood movies. The movie, Ogo Osupa propelled him to limelight in 1997. Some of the other movies he produced in his early career, include Aderonke, Akinkanju, Iyonu Olorun, Etutu Emi, e.t.c.


As A Director, Actor, And Producer

1995 – 2017


Ami Ayo

Fimidara Ire

Iranse Aje

Asise – 1995

Fadeyi Oloro – 2001

Orí (Fate) – 2004  

Indomie Lomo – 2004

Apesin – 2006

Igi owo – 2007

Owo Okuta (The Law of Karma) – 2008

Omo Elemosho – 2013

Eyinju Eledumare – 2014

Tewe Tegbo – 2014

Eni Owo – 2017


Bipolar (Amodi) – 2018

Connection – 2018

Dairy of Hamzat – 2018

Oga Okunrin (Male Chameleon) – 2018

Dalemo – 2018

The Golden Seed (Irugbin Wura) – 2018

Aimo Ni (Ignorance) – 2018

Gbeje Oloko – 2018

Ewatomi – 2018

Adaba – 2018

Eyitayo – 2018

Aro Meta Clinic – 2018

Ji Masun – 2018

Oko mi Ore mi – 2018

Eyitayo – 2018

Ayederu – 2018

Mod’ Orisa (The Epic) – 2018

Satan’s Bride – 2018

Ajolaye – 2018

Zombie – 2018

Aarinola – 2018

Ori Olori – 2018

Wahala – 2018

Abawo Mi – 2018

Sunday Igboho – 2018

Alagata (Third Party) – 2018

Ewatomi – 2018

Twisted – 2018

Autism – 2018

Sekunola – 2018

Ayo Olopon – 2018

Arugbo Ojo – 2018

Ege – 2018

Osun Wande – 2018

Addict (Baraku) – 2018

Eebo bu – 2018

Amunisin 2 – 2018

2019 – 2020

Omoniyun – 2019  

Gbarada – 2019

Itelorun – 2019

Gale Gale – 2019

Ekisa – 2019

Ija Ekun – 2019

Secrets Asiri – 2019

Ere Aye – 2019

Oro Olori – 2019

Eleda Opo – 2019

Aforji (Forgiveness) – 2019

Agbaje Omo Onile – 2019

Amope Ajabiiji – 2019

Intent (Igbati) – 2019

Cold Hearted – 2019

Survival of Jelili – 2019

Omo Anibiire, Part 2 – 2019

Majele – 2019

Hook Up – 2019

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Ajebi’Dan – 2019

Ololufe – 2019

Alumooni – 2019

Amope Ajabiiji – 2019

Asiri Aje – 2019

Childe Internationale – 2019

Yonusimi – 2019

Say It – 2019

Shame – 2019

Ajanaku – 2019

Barrister Seilat – 2019

Depression – 2019

Omo Ologo – 2019  

Paradox – 2019

Oko Bange – 2019

Aje Oja – 2019

The Twins – Ejiworo (Yet to be shot) – 2020

Awards And Nominations

At the 1st Africa Movie Academy Awards, he won the Best Indigenous Film Award – 2005.

Nominee at the 4th Africa Movie Academy Awards for Most Outstanding Indigenous Actor – 2008.  

Best Actor of the year at the Odua Image Awards – 2015

BON Awards named him the Best Yoruba Actor of the Year – 2015

Nominee at the City People Movie Awards in the Best Yoruba Actor Category – 2017

Pacesetters Entertainment and Recognition Awards (PERA) Winner – 2017

He received the Best Director Award from Boblia – 2018

Best Versatile Actor at the Greenview Awards – 2018

Glam Male Best Actor of the Year nominee at the Nigerian Glam Awards – 2018

Award of Excellence at the Nigerian Canadian Celebrities Entertainment Award – 2018

Inspirational Award at the Symbol of Hope Foundation 5th Leadership Conference and Humanitarian Service Award – 2018

Recognition Award for his Contribution to Development of the Nigerian Entertainment Industry – 2018

Slate 1 Entertainment Award for Evergreen Director – 2018

Most Creative Actor at the 1st Yoruba Movie Gists Award – 2018

Enyaa Awards recipient – 2019

Golden Ticket at the Blingz Events Awards – 2019

Nominee for Best Producer at the African Film Awards – 2019

Gbarada was nominated for the Best Yoruba Movie at the African Film Awards – 2019

Actor of the Year at the Prominent Oyo People’s Award – 2019

Indigenous Movie of the Year (GBÀRÀDÁ) at the Prominent Oyo People’s Award – 2019

Special Recognition Award at the Emperor Award – 2019

Best Actor in a Movie at the Yoruba Movie Gist – 2019

Recognition Award at the 60 Most Influential Brands and Personality in Ibadan Award – 2019  

Here are pictures of muyiwa ademola to prove he rocks it well with swags:

With the above comparison I feel muyiwa ademola is a better actor with awards,nominations and films he is been featured.

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