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"Doubts She's From Sokoto" Arewa Youth Slams Aisha Umaru For Joining BBNaija

The reality show called Big Brother Naija kicked off yesterday being 19 of July 2020.

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, the official host of BBNaija introduced the housemates at the launch of the season five of the reality show themed ‘Lockdown’.

The names of ‘Lockdown’ housemates are; Ozor, Vee, Prince, Lilo, Lucy, Trickytee, Kidd Waya, Dorothy, Praise, Wathoni, Tochi, Katrina, Eric, Erica, Brighto, Kaisha, Neo, TolaniBaj, Layton, and Nengi.

There is a girl in the house named Aisha Umaru popularly known Kaisha as been making waves on social media as some people admire her beauty, others her hyping her cause she is from the north, calling her 'Queen of the North'.

Let me tell you about Aisha Umaru popularly know by her Instagram handle which is Kaisha.


Aisha Umaru is a 25-year-old entrepreneur from Sokoto state. This adventurous woman considers herself a great team player who gets along with people. She relies on a healthy diet and she is God-fearing and she based in the UK.

The Arewa comprises of people from the North and as we all know that they are very strict with their children so that they won't go wayward, and it is also said in the bible that train your children in the way of the lord so that we they grow old they won't depart from it and a proverb also says spear the rod and spoil the child.

So Arewa Twitter reacts to Aisha Umaru joining the Big Brother Naija reality TV show that saying No sensible man from Arewa would ever allow his daughter to join #BBNaija.

An Area youth also question her being a Northern girl has he said "I wonder which part of the North this " Aisha/Kaisha " comes from exactly. If she's a Northern, definitely she is not Hausa/Fulani because shyness and Modesty are part of Our lifestyle/Culture."

This shows that Arewa youths are not happy about their sister in Big Brother Naija as they feel like it isn't right and this issue was pondered upon by MURIC a Muslim group who wrote a petition to the president of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari saying he should stop the TV show as it corrupts the minds of Nigeria Youth but all form of stopping it failed as the TV show said that the youth are not forced in watching the program.

So guys let's leave religion out of this, what's your opinion on this; do you think is bad for a decent youth to join Big Brother Naija and what's your take in what Arewa youths said about her coming from the north.

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