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My experience with informal interstate transport company

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My experience.

So… I was about to travel to Lagos from Ogbomoso in Oyo state, and I decided to board a car at one of their local parks, on getting there, I was immediately hailed by one of their service agents and he took me to the last available car that was going to Lagos, as I was about entering the car, I noticed a pile of luggage at the rear seat.

Oh!! I got so disappointed, and the time was fast spent.

Immediately, I entered into an argument with the service agent, but he only replied, saying “we don’t have anywhere left to put this luggage as the boot is already filled” so, I agreed to manage with a woman that has 3 children. I started to regret paying the service fee of #3,500, and thoughts like... 

“Should I just come down and enter Ibadan”, 

“Should I board a train from Ibadan to Lagos”, or…

“Should I just travel tomorrow” begin to flow through my mind, I did not know what to do cause I was some sort of introverted person, the woman beside me also complained that she didn’t like their services but her voice was not heard and I guess those with us in the car did not want to constitute any further scenario, so they kept quiet. Anyway, we left for Lagos, and I had to squeeze my legs together in the back seat. I began to feel stressed in my ass as the travel time got longer. I couldn't wait to get to where I was going. The whole travel experience was not palatable. So I got inspired to share my experience.

I think our local interstate transport operators should find a way of passing a policy that restricts the use of passenger buses for luggages. Even if they will use it for carrying luggages, it shouldn't be to the inconvenience of passengers, they should pls endeavor to look into these. Further more, we all need to start making our voices heard against some unfavorable policies in our communities as these are what I believe can make a change in our society and nation.

I look forward to sharing your own view. Enjoy the rest of the moment.


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