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Meet Sefiu Alao And Pasuma's Family Members Who Work With Them In Their Music Bands

Two Fuji music stars who don't joke with the well-being of their family members are Alhaji (Dr.) Sefiu Alao Adekunle also known as Baba Oko, and Alhaji Wasiu Alabi Odetola popularly known as Pasuma. And, that is because they have absorbed some of their blood relations into their music bands to provide them a means of livelihood. So, while Sefiu Alao has three of his close relatives working with him in his music band, Pasuma has two.

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One of the close relations working with Sefiu Alao is Kayode Allen-Taylor who happens to be the Personal Assistant (P.A.) to the Fuji music star. Kay as the P.A. is simply called is a cousin to Sefiu Alao. Another close family member working with Baba Oko is his younger brother, Alhaji Saheed Adekunle. Saheed Adekunle is the one in charge of counting and taking custody of the money sprayed on Sefiu Alao while performing on stage.

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The third family member working with Sefiu Alao is Alhaji Ibrahim Adekunle. Ibrahim Adekunle who is also called Oba is Sefiu Alao's mum's last born, and he is the one put in charge of streaming the performance of the Fuji music star live on different social media platforms. And, he is also a music marketer who specializes in mass production of Sefiu Alao's live performances for commercial purposes.

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On the part of Pasuma, Mathew Ajiboye who is better known as Mathew Ididowo is a cousin to the Fuji music star. And Mathew Ididowo is one of Pasuma's Managers. The second close family relation who works with Pasuma in his music band is Sulaiman Peculiar. And, he is a younger brother to the Ogan Nla of Fuji music as Pasuma is also known. Sulaiman Peculiar is the one put in charge of the money sprayed on Pasuma while performing on stage.

Meanwhile, all the family relations mentioned above have been working with Sefiu Alao and Pasuma respectively, for years during which they have done a lot of good things with their individual lives.

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